Here is a selection of some of our work for clients across the world.

Someday from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Backing Track)
Six (Excerpt) from Six (Backing Track)
This Is Not Over Yet from Parade (Backing Track)
People Like Us from The Emergency Covers Season 3 (Backing Track)
One Big Adventure from Peter Pan (Backing Track)

Here is an example of our “Click and Backing Track” Package, where you are provided with two tracks.  One with all instruments and one with the additional instruments to supplement a band.  Have a listen to find out more…

Kiss The Girl from The Emergency Covers Live Show (Backing Track)
Kiss The Girl from The Emergency Covers Live Show (Click Track)

In the Left Channel of the Click Track you have the metronome for the band to play to as well as verbal cues to help the band if they get lost.  In the Right Channel there are stems of the instruments not used in a standard band as well as low volume stems of the horn section to ensure that when played alongside a live band you have the biggest sound possible.